The Planning Process

Publicity and consultation before applying for Planning Permission Notice under Articles 2C and 2D

This notice provides the opportunity to comment directly to the developer on a proposed development prior to the submission of a planning application to the local authority (“LPA”).  Any subsequent planning application will be publicised by the relevant LPA; any comments provided in response to this notice will not prejudice your ability to make representations to the LPA on any related planning application.  You should note that any comments submitted may be placed on the public file.

Anyone who wishes to make representations about this proposed development must write to the agent at by 1st May 2017.

Proposed development on land to the south west of the Coldra Court Hotel, Chepstow Road, Newport.  

Broadhall (Coldra Woods) Ltd; Celtic Manor Resort and Idris Davies Ltd are intending to develop a 154 bedroom hotel with integral ancillary cafe, separate drive thru restaurant, 6no. freestanding flag poles and associated access, car parking, landscaping and ecological enhancements.

Please click on the links below to view drawings and documents relating to the proposed development.

Planning Application

Coldra Hotel Planning Statement

Coldra Hotel Design and Access Statement

16046-LOC01 – Location Plan

16046-ST01 – Site Layout

16046-GA01 – Ground Floor Plan

16046-GA02 – First Floor Plan

16046-GA03 – Second Floor Plan

16046-GA04 – Third Floor Plan

16046-GA05 – Roof Plan

16046-GA06 – Elevations – Sheet 01

16046-GA07 – Elevations – Sheet 02

16046-GA200 – A3 Unit – Plans & Elevations

16046-ST04 – Site Sections

16046-GA10 – Proposed 3D View 1

16046-GA11 – Proposed 3D View 2

16046-GA12 – Proposed 3D View 3

Landscape Plan

Coldra Hotel Tree Survey AIA Report v1.0

Coldra Woods High Level Advice Landscape and Visual

EVG-16-001-DMMS Coldra site – Dormouse Mgt & Monitor Scheme – April 2017

EVG-16-001-DMS Coldra Site – Dormouse Method Statement – April 2017

EVG-16-001-EA Coldra Site – Ecological Assessment- April 2017

Flood Consequences Assessment

Cultural Heritage Desk Based Assessment

Written Scheme of Investigation for a Cultural Heritage Desk Based Assessment

Agricultural Land Classification Report

Transport Assessment

Stage 1 Road Safety Audit